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If you have missing or severely damaged permanent teeth, dental implants can restore your chewing and biting abilities. At Licata Dental, Faye Licata, DMD, FAGD, and the team specialize in dental implant restoration. Using crowns, a fixed bridge, or implant-retained dentures, they can transform your smile and improve your oral health. To schedule an appointment at the office in Chesterfield, Missouri, call or click the online booking tool today.

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Emergency Dental in Chesterfield, MO

When a dental emergency affects you, it can be a frightening situation. It is easy to panic when you are in acute pain or have a severely impaired tooth. At Licata Dental, we provide emergency services that will reinstate your peace of mind. When you call us immediately after an emergency arises, we will try to schedule your treatment on the same day. We will put in all our efforts to return your dental function and smile entirely.

What Should You Do When an Emergency Happens in Chesterfield, MO?

While waiting to come in for your appointment, proper care can minimize dental damage and discomfort. Knocked-out teeth are among the most standard types of dental emergencies, and if timely treatment is sought, they can be placed back into the socket. The dislodged tooth should be carefully rinsed with warm water. You should hold the tooth by its crown without touching the roots. If you can, put the tooth back in the socket and keep it in position by gently biting down on a gauze piece. If you cannot do this, store it in milk or your mouth next to your cheek until you obtain professional help.

Toothaches are another typical dental emergency. Pain can develop for several reasons, and its intensity will depend on the underlying cause. Before you reach our office, you can reduce discomfort with ice packs or pain medications.

What Will Happen During Your Emergency Appointment at the Dentist in Chesterfield, MO?

During your appointment, we will provide appropriate treatment to resolve your concerns. The correct care can differ significantly, depending on your needs and the severity of oral damage. In case of a knocked-out tooth, we can reposition it in its socket. If that is not possible, we may recommend a customized dental restoration. This could include a traditional crown or a bridge supported by a dental implant.

Dr. Licata may fix the broken piece back in position if you have a broken tooth. In the case of severe damage, you may require a dental crown, which will completely shield your tooth.

Toothaches often occur due to infection of the dental pulp, for which we generally perform root canal therapy. During treatment, all infected tissue from your tooth pulp is removed and a dental crown is secured at a later date. The root canals, despite the wrong perception, involve minimal discomfort due to local anesthesia. In extreme cases, crowns, fillings, or even anti-sensitivity toothpaste can effectively address your toothache.

If you face an emergency dental condition, you do not have to suffer a moment longer than necessary. Visit our office, Licata Dental, at 111 Hilltown Village Center, Suite 200, West County suburb of St. Louis, Chesterfield, MO 63017. You can also reach Dentist in Chesterfield MO at 636-532-2101.


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